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About Us                                                     TEL: 0161 331 9610

Based in the Northwest of UK, Cyber Computers are the outsource of all I. T. services within the UK. Cyber Computers have a talented & dynamic computer service team, ranging from designers, analysts, engineers & consultants, together providing you with everything an I. T. department provides a major corporation for a fraction of the cost. Our aim is always "strive to exceed your expectations".

We are strong believers that our relationship with our clients does not end at a completion of a sale, as many other companies would lead you to believe. It is our opinion that maintaining a good communication between clients and solution provider enhances the long-term success of any business as it expands and evolves.

It took Cyber Computers many weeks and rigorous interviews to select some of the finest technical brains within the industry. The technicians at Cyber Computers have contributed greatly to our success, they will regularly travel throughout the Northwest, efficiently and effectively completing varieties of tasks that businesses within different market sectors will ask for.

Cyber Computers staff have been providing experienced & expert computer solutions since 2000 with the aim of bringing a high level of I.T. support to the Small Medium Businesses, a level of service & expertise historically only enjoyed by the bigger players in the corporate sector.

Cyber Computers understand excellent I.T. solutions are the key to the survival & the day-to-day operations of most companies as the need to cut running costs. Cyber Computers offers a portfolio of I.T. support services designed for the Small-Medium size business to expand IT solutions with confidence without a prohibitive cost. Each service is tailored to the individual customer & offers the services & expertise required to outsource your I.T. requirements or run along side your own in-house I.T. department.

What sets Cyber Computers apart from the other competitors is our service, is we are committed to delivering a complete I.T. solution for all you're I.T. needs, but it just doesnt stop there, we will make sure we carry out the work required onsite, and drop off to yr door step make sure it works at you're home or business premises.

Please browse our website, to empower your employee’s & open your business to new opportunities. It could be as basic as a web site design and implementation or the complete / partial outsourcing of your in-house I.T. services to expand or aid the current department

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